What Does “Cannot Login MEGA888” Mean?

“Cannot Login MEGA888” might be one of the most common issues that MEGA888 players are facing. It means failure to login to the slot game.

In Malaysia, a multi-cultural country with various different languages prevailing, “Tak Boleh Masuk/Login MEGA888” delivers exactly the same meaning.

When you see these words, it’s basically telling you that players are not able to login to MEGA888. Nonetheless, how does one define “Cannot Login MEGA888?

Some people might face with system interruption after they have entered username and password, being forced to unexpectedly quit the game.

On the other hand, some people might even fail during the download process, far before they even launch the game application.

Therefore, there could be many kind of scenarios where players cannot login MEGA888. Notwithstanding the above, such error can actually be traceable and can be fixed too.

Have You Done MEGA888 Login Properly?

One of the main factors that might cause break down is that you did not follow the official guideline to login properly. If that’s the case, you should really follow the step-by-step tutorial to login and to avoid any unexpected error during the process. Such MEGA888 Login tutorial is covered in one of our previous posts, which we strongly encourage you to read it.

Having said that, why do we always have to follow the official method to login game? To be frank, we were pretty confused about this issue earlier on. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview MEGA888’s founder, Mr. Michael Tan See Foong, to find out more about the issue.

According to what he said, such measure is taken for the sake of security purpose. There are thousands of hackers out there, attempting to unethically hack MEGA888 every single minute. The hackers wish to alter winning payout ratio to benefit themselves.

Therefore, certain security precaution needs to be undertaken to curb the hacking activities. Michael Tan’s team has been putting a lot of efforts into this area. They have coded hidden security features into the game. As a result, all players are required to login following the official guideline.

Any potential breach during MEGA888 login process may raise alert to the centre monitoring system, and that particular game account would then enter into self-protect mode immediately. Players would then be forced to quit the application promptly.

If you are facing with the above situation, just follow the official guideline to login MEGA888, then everything will be just fine. Otherwise, you might need to consider taking alternative to fix the issue.

Emergency System Maintenance By MEGA888 HQ

Sometimes, you might not be able to enter MEGA888 due to the fact that MEGA888 HQ is running system maintenance on the game application. Minor maintenance consumes only a short while, or up to few hours before it can return to normal condition. However, major maintenance might take days to complete.

Why MEGA888 runs system maintenance? Isn’t it too inconvenient for the players? Well, I would say it’s pretty much inevitable.

Just like your vehicle, a detailed check up needs to be performed on the game application, to ensure that it will serve you better going forward. Most of the time, MEGA888 HQ wants to add new mobile slot games to its game lobby, and this can only be done during system maintenance. Don’t be surprised if you find few more new games after a major system maintenance has been taken place.

During the month of December 2020, there are few times that players are not allowed to access MEGA888 game application on iPhone. In view of the rising enquiry that players have sent to us, we’ve decided to directly contact Michael Tan in order to give our readers some helpful feedback on the issue.

After waiting for weeks, Michael Tan finally responded to our email, and said that the frequent system interruption that occurred to iPhone users in December 2020, is caused by an unexpected hacking activities performed by one of the most famous hacker groups in the world – “Anonymous”.

The Anonymous has planted a bug in the system, while MEGA888 HQ is trying to debug the issue as for now. One of the consequences is that player is able to win more with the bug around. The winning payout ratio has been hacked. Nonetheless, such loophole can only be found on MEGA888 iPhone version.

Given the above, Michael Tan has instructed his team to undertake series of major maintenance on iPhone version, in order to debug the error. He also said that hopefully everything will be back to normal by January 2021.


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