What is MEGA888 Free Credit?

MEGA888 Free Credit is the free account balance that is given by online casino agent, online casino operator, or MEGA888 HQ, to play MEGA888 slot games for free. With such credit, players do not have to pay a single cent.

But, do we get paid when winning from the game? ABSOLUTELY YES! Unlike MEGA888 Test ID, you will get compensated by online casino operators when you win big with such free credits. However, certain restrictions will be applicable. Some operators require a certain amount of account balance that you must have in your game account, before winning withdrawal can be made. On the other hand, some operators require players to achieve stipulated threshold of turnover before withdrawal.

As such, you must clear about the terms and conditions before claiming such free credits. In addition, it’s important to pick your trusted online casino company to play with, which we will talk about more in the following session.

How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021?

Why do I have to emphasise the word “2021”? Isn’t it all same to claim free credits via the same manner? Unfortunately, you gotta learn new method to claim free credits on a yearly basis.

Free credits in 2021 are entirely different from those in 2020. Just like motor vehicles, those manufactured in newer year usually have better specification than those in the older year. The same goes to MEGA888 free credit.

The key you gotta remember is, always request for the “2021 version” free credit. We will tell you why it is important later on. Do not stay silent when requesting for the free credit as most online casino operators will probably give you 2020 version since they need to clear older stock.

Secondly, only request such free credits from licensed MEGA888 agents. The reason being is that only licensed agents are able to obtain the 2021 free credits earlier. Those who are not licensed can only get it in the second half of 2021.

You gotta keep in mind that MEGA888 Free Credit 2021 does stand higher chance to win from MEGA888 slot games. This is because MEGA888 HQ would like to boost its number of active players in 2021, therefore allowing players to win more by playing with 2021 free credits.

Performing As Digital Wallet

It’s 21 century, and a lot of people start using e-wallet in Malaysia, not to mention the fact that digital banking is just around the corner. Many people do not have the idea that MEGA888 Free Credit can actually perform as a digital wallet, just like other big names out there such as Big Pay, Grab Pay, Touch and Go, Boost Pay, Alipay, and many more.

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Nonetheless, it doesn’t have the full feature as other digital wallets in the market. Let’s see what you can do with MEGA888 credits:

  • buy grocery at kedai runcit: you can try asking the grocery shop owner and see if MEGA888 credits can be used to purchase stuff. As far as we know, there is a lot of grocery shop owners accept MEGS888 credits in North Malaysia.
  • in exchange for free ride: you may also offer Grab drivers to accept your MEGA888 credits since many Grab drivers are crazy about MEGA888 slot games.
  • offer as free gift for lucky draw: you may give out MEGA888 credits as free gift in lucky draw, if you are doing promotional campaign for your businesses.

Why don’t you own some MEGA888 credits since it will make your life so much easier? We all know that digital currency will certainly happen in the near future. We should start adapting to the new norm.

Trusted Online Casino Companies

There could be thousands of online casino companies in Malaysia. How do we know which one can be trusted? And, why is it important to MEGA888 free credit?

Think about it, a scammer won’t pay you when you win big from the slot games. Am I right? Therefore, it’s very very important when choosing the trusted online casino company to play with, even though the game credit is free.

The question is, how do we know which company can be trusted? It gotta be trial and error kind of thing. I mean, we need to try playing MEGA888 slot games with a number of online casino companies, until we figure out which one is the most trustworthy. But, how long it’s gonna take?

Given the increasing demand for trusted online casino companies from our loyal readers, we’ve decided to write a post teaching players how to pick the most honest online casino company within the shortest period of time. Just stay tuned.

Can I Still Play With MEGA888 Free Credit 2020?

Given the latest version of free credit, can we still play with the 2020 version? The answer is yes, but we wouldn’t encourage you to do so. Why?

Every year, MEGA888 HQ technical team will perform thorough analysis on potential hackers’ activities. They will scrutinise these activities and speculate what are gonna be their next steps. And they will incorporate latest development into the latest version of free credits, based on their findings.

As such, you are strongly encouraged to play with the latest version of free credits. Nonetheless, it seems like an opportunistic move for hackers to play with the older version.

Yea that’s right! With older technology embedded in MEGA888 Free Credit 2020, some skilful hackers might be able to hack into MEGA888 slot games. They might not be able to do so with the 2021 version. This is why we hear about MEGA888 getting hacked by some hackers in Malaysia.


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