Indeed, Malaysia is considered one of the best countries in South East Asia (SEA) for living. As a matter of fact, it was ranked the 5th among the world’s 10 best countries to retire in 2018.

Nevertheless, there seems to be nothing spectacular about this small country, aside the recent 1MDB’s scandal as well as the MH370’s tragedy, that could grab the eyeballs from all around the world.

There is one thing that a lot of people are not aware of. MEGA888, one of the world’s leading online mobile slot games, is actually invented in Malaysia. I bet most of you have not heard of its founder, who has been maintaining a extraordinarily low profile all this while.

Today, we’re gonna talk about the legendary founder of MEGA888.

Who is the Founder of MEGA888

Michael Tan See Foong (Michael Tan) is the original founder of MEGA888. He official founded MEGA888’s team on 23 January 2015, with a total size of 10 employees. With a start up capital of USD300,000 only, Michael Tan has successfully grown the team to one of the largest slot game company in South East Asia. Today, Michael Tan’s total net worth is estimated at approximately USD8.3 billion.

Michael Tan is born in 4 February 1978, in a small town called Taiping located in the state of Perak, Malaysia. Born in a traditional Chinese family, Michael Tan has been taught to work harder than anything since he was very young. His parents was running a small grocery shop (also known as “Kedai Runcit” in Malay) in downtown area.

The Big Brother

As the eldest brother amongst his siblings, Michael Tan has established a strong sense of responsibility to take care of his family. Since the age of 13, Michael Tan works as a part timer at a bakery shop after school everyday. He just wanted to earn extra money in order to subsidise his parents for the tuition fees of his siblings.

At school, he always back his classmates. There was once he fought against 5 hooligans just to protect his classmate. Of course, he was beaten badly and admitted into hospital then. Nevertheless, his strength and courage has long been respected by friends around him.

A Gifted Student in Computer Science

After high school, Michael Tan then moved to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia to further study. He chose the field of computer science, although not much people do not understand the importance of IT back in those days.

It turned out that Michael Tan has correctly chosen the right field to study. His performance was more than outstanding during schooling. He was even chosen as The Best Student in Computer Science for three consecutive years in school.

“Michael is the most talented student in IT field that I’ve ever come across”, Dr. Hashid Mohammed said, who was Michael Tan’s professor in computer science. “I doubt I can ever run into another student as intelligent as Michael again.”

From Coder Turning Into a Successful Entrepreneur

After university, Michael Tan joined a IT development company that specialised in building computer video games. That’s where he learned how to code fantastically in order to attract players.

Very soon, Michael Tan started to form his own company: MT Venture Sdn Bhd. He started to build his own video games. Not surprisingly, most of the video games produced by his company were amongst the best sellers back then. That’s when he made his fortune many years ago.

Besides, he also started to involve himself in online gambling businesses. He was licensed online agent for various gambling products, such as 918KISS, XE88, MaxBet, etc. He truly understands how the game is played. With the lucrative profit potential offered by online gambling business, Michael Tan then decided to build his own online gambling product in the summer of 2014.

The Best Mobile Slot Game in 2020

Today, MEGA888 has become the most played mobile slot game in Malaysia alone. Not to mention its international presence in the South East Asia countries.

Being elected as The Best Mobile Slot Game 2020 by the Malaysian Online Casino Association, Michael Tan feels all his hard works have been recognised by the industry.

During an exclusive interview with Michael Tan, he said that he’s not gonna take a break with the current achievement “How can I even take a break with a multi-billions dollar business that still grows exponentially everyday?”.

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