Glossary – Explain Everything About MEGA888

MEGA888 Glossary

We encourage beginners who would like to start playing MEGA888, to read carefully about the glossary below. It includes nearly everything about MEGA888. It’s always good to understand more about one thing before you even get started.

We have compiled the most frequently searched terms for MEGA888 in the glossary below. Our purpose is to help the local community to establish better understanding about this slot game. If there is something else that you think it ought to be appear in the list, do contact us, and we will then add it to the list.

918KISS – A direct competitor to MEGA888 who is also offering online mobile slot game in Malaysia.

Agent – An authorised personnel to provide game ID in the market. As reward, agent shares a portion of total profits with game provider.

Ang Pow – A form of free bonus that contains free credit that will be randomly distributed to players from time to time.

Baccarat – A traditional card game in casino which is also offered in MEGA888. It involves two sides – Banker and Player. Place bet on either side, while you would win if your chosen side gets a better card combination.

Deposit – A process for player to place money with online casino operator, in exchange for game credit.

Deposit Bonus – Extra bonus that is offered by the online casino when a player make deposit. Of course, it usually comes with additional terms and conditions.

Free Bonus – A special free reward given by the slot game provider to reward players.

Free Credit – Free game credit offered by online casino operators to attract new players, or to retain existing players.

Free Spin – It is usually awarded during bonus games, while players get to spin the wheel without deducting game credits.

Jackpot – The largest prize reward in a slot game that any player can expect. It is commonly in the form of progressive prize pool, which mean the prize pool grows second by second through time passage.

Kencing – It means “pee” in Malay. Nonetheless, it is interpreted as “fraudulent case” in the local online gambling community. It happens when an agent refuses to proceed withdrawal request from a player.

Lucky Draw – Some online casino operators might organise monthly, weekly, or even daily luck draw to reward their players.

MEGA888 – One of the most popular mobile online slot game brands in Malaysia.

MEGA888 APK – Android Package (APK) is an Android file format that contains mobile application in Android operating system. MEGA888 APK is the installer package for Android users to install game application on their smartphones.

MEGA888 Download – A standard process to download MEGA888 slot game on mobile device.

MEGA888 Free Credit – Free credits usually offered by online casino operators, online casino agents, online casino companies, or MEGA888 HQ, to players for them to play for free.

MEGA888 Hack – An illegal process to enter MEGA888’s game controlling system without proper permission from the product owner. Once inside, you can alter any information about the game, i.e. winning payout, winning amount, jackpot amount, prize pool, etc.

MEGA888 Login – A standard process to enter MEGA888’s game application with assigned user ID and password.

MEGA888 Test ID – A free game ID to test play MEGA888 without involving real money.

Online Casino – Different from a land-based casino, an online casino provide players an online avenue to enjoy gambling experience without stepping out from their houses. All gambling activities are conducted via online.

Online Gambling – Different from offline gambling, online gambling is any gambling activity that is performed on the internet rather than a physical location.

Player(s) – A person or a group of people that plays MEGA888.

Rebate – an extra reward given by the online casino operators, to compensate for the losses incurred by players. It is usually performed on weekly or monthly basis.

Roulette – A traditional casino game that involves a small ball rolling on a wheel to generate betting result. The world “roulette” is originated from “little wheel” in French.

Slot Game – An electronic gambling game that is in the form of digital, to allow player to bet by spinning the wheel. Unlike the old school slot machine, slot game can be played anytime anywhere on electronic devices such as mobile phones, desktops or even laptops.

Telegram – a popular instant messaging platform that is used by the players to communicate with online casino operators.

Whatsapp – another common instant messaging platform that is used by the players to communicate with online casino operators.

Winning Payout – A ratio that is interpreted in percentage, to indicate how much profit a player could possibly make from every dollar on the bet.

Withdrawal – A process for player to cash out from online casino operator with game credit.

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