Good Online Casino Malaysia versus Bad Online Casino Malaysia – How to Differentiate

Good Online Casino Malaysia is Important

Why it is important getting yourself a good online casino Malaysia? It’s very simple. To secure your winning from online gambling activities.

Do you know that 4 in every 10 Malaysians fail to withdraw successfully from online betting site in the year of 2020? It’s indeed a huge shame.

As we know, we all need an online casino company to bet with. The problem is, it’s pretty hard to find a trusted one given the rise of cyber crime in Malaysia. Scammers are everywhere.

You might encounter the following if you’ve been betting with a bad online Casino Malaysia:

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to experience any of the above. As a long-time professional online casino player in Malaysia, I personally had a few experiences of not getting paid by the online casino company. Of course, we will share with you some of the alternatives to recover your losses.

How to Detect a Bad Online Casino Malaysia?

It’s of high importance to screen out bad online casino Malaysia when choosing which online betting site to play with. Though many beginners do not have any idea how to start with. Let us highlight to you some of the attributes you must look at to detect a bad online casino Malaysia:

1. With More Than 3 Years Operating History

Do a background check on the online casino company to see if it has been operating for at least 3 years. You may even go to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) official website to check if the company is registered under company law.

Only trusted companies could stand strong along the passage of time. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to say that an online betting site is trustworthy if it’s existed in the market for a long itme.

2. Reasonable Online Casino Free Bonus

Isn’t online casino free bonus a good perk for all online casino players? Yes, it is. But you also gotta be aware of those who’s offering unreasonably high online casino bonus to its players. That might be scam.

Just think about it. Why would they give you such a high free bonus, even you haven’t started gambling at its website? It could be the case where they just want to cheat your money. To me, 100% welcome bonus seems reasonable. It’s like an industry norm. Anything above 100% would seem a little bit fishy already.

3. Bad Online Casino Review

It’s always good to do some homework, or due diligence before engaging with an online betting site. One of the alternatives that you can detect a bad online casino Malaysia is through online casino review sites.

You are able to find such review sites anywhere on the internet. Pay more attention to what they said about the online casino company. For those who’ve been cheated by the bad online casino companies would have certainly left some negative comments. Check out those comments and read carefully. This will save you a lot of money!

What You Can Do If You’ve Been Cheated?

There is no one in the industry guiding us how to deal with this kind of situation when it happens. As such, we had contacted Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA) to reflect such problems which have been in the industry for a long time.

Thanks to the prompt response from MOCA, we’ve received some official guidelines how to deal with such situation. We might be writing a detailed article on this. But today, we’re just gonna share with you some of the salient points what you can do if you’ve been cheated by online casino agent:

Important Moves That Can Protect Yourself from Bad Online Casino Companies

Many people do not know about the fact that there is a player reward programme that is protecting the payment security of all online casino players in Malaysia. It’s called Jom Rewards.

Frankly, we have no idea who founded this site. There is no information from all available resources on the internet. What we know is that it really provides the ultimate solution for all online casino players in Malaysia.

If you’re playing with any online betting site in Malaysia that is under the programme of Jom Rewards, all your withdrawal will be 100% guaranteed. That said, you will be able to recover 100% payment from Jom Rewards if its associate online betting site fails to pay you.

This is really an important protection for all online casino players in Malaysia. With Jom Rewards, you do not have to worry about getting cheated by others again!

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