How to Download MEGA888 for iPhone and Android

How to Download MEGA888 for Android and iPhone

Why Download MEGA888

To download MEGA888 is like the must-do task that every Malaysian should do in 2020. People have been talking about it. Some people might ask: why should we even do that in the first place?

Well, pretty straightforward. You gotta download the game application if you want to play a game. It’s like setting up furniture in your house before moving in, cooking before eating, studying before examination, and things like that. The same theory applies to everything.

Basically, after having dowloaded MEGA888, you will be able to login to its game. We will talk more about MEGA888 login in a separate post.

As such, it’s fairly important to download the game properly. It’s like a car key to start the engine. You might ruin the whole thing if you do not do it properly.

Things You Should Be Aware of When Downloading MEGA888

There are things that you should really understand well before you start to go through the download process:

Only Download from Trusted Site

This is of all the most important thing that you should look at. There are hundreds of MEGA888 download sites floating around. I would say more than 90% of them is fake which pose certain cyber security risk to users.

So, it’s really vital to find a credible source to download. If not, you might end up exposing yourself to phishing risk or even trojan viruses. Some of the untrusted sites contain toxic materials that will bring harm to your electronic device.

We strongly recommend you to download from We have recommended this site to thousands of players and it is by far one of the most secured download sites that we have ever come across.

Do Not Download During Night Time

You are advised not to download MEGA888 after midnight. Of course, it’s not like forbidden. Just that it’s not good to download after midnight compared to daytime. Why is that so?

Normally, MEGA888’s peak hours start from 8pm to 2am on a daily basis. Its game server is even busier during weekends. Just imagine how your download request racing with other game pull requests at the same time. There are millions of requests being fired to the game server per second.

As a result, you might download something that is defected. Meaning to say that, the game application you download might contain bugs or errors that might cause unexpected crashes sometime in the future.

Do not underestimate these bugs. You do not want to experience a sudden game shutdown when you just hit the big jackpot. That’s why you are advised to avoid downloading MEGA888 during night time.

Make Sure What You Get is the Original Version

Remember when 918KISS game server was interrupted for days, there were dozens of similar slot game brands flooding into the market? 918KISS Kaya, 918KISS 2, 918KISS Plus, and many more more, all of which are fake game version.

The same goes to MEGA888. There are a lot of counterfeit versions in Malaysia. You gotta becareful what you got yourself into. Remember to only play the original version as it will generate you the highest profits.

But, how to differentiate between the real and the fake ones? Here’s some of the tips:

Risks If You Do Not Download It Properly

Something might happen if you didn’t download MEGA88 in a proper way. Try to understand these risks and learn how to manage it in an efficient way:

Checklist for MEGA888 Download

There are certain things you need to prepare in advance before proceeding to download MEGA888, which will make you a lot easier:

Of course, it’s not a must to do all the above. It’s just advisable to do these in order to make sure no hiccups would happen during the whole process.

Download Tutorial for iPhone

Step 1: Go to Safari or Google Chrome, and enter
Step 2: Select “IOS 64Bit” or “IOS 32Bet” based on the operating system of your iPhone, then click either one as per red box below
Step 3: Click “Install”
Step 4: MEGA888 game application has been successfully installed on your menu
Step 5: When you click on the game application icon, an error message regarding “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” will then pop up. Click “Cancel”.
Step 6: Go to “General” under iPhone setting
Step 7: Click “Device Management”
Step 8: Click “AbleSky Inc.”
Step 9: Click “Trust AbleSky Inc.”
Step 10: Click “Trust”
Step 11: You may now relaunch the MEGA888 game application. For first timer, the game will upload all necessary data. You may log in to game thereafter.

Just in case you don’t have an ID to play game, you can also use MEGA888 Test ID to test play.

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