What is MEGA888 Test ID

In short, MEGA888 Test ID is a free game ID provided by online casino agent, which allows players to test play MEGA888 slot games without paying real money. It’s a FREE service.

The main purpose of offering Test IDs is to allow everyone experiencing the best of MEGA888, to explore if they have deep interest in the best mobile slot game brand in Malaysia.

This is also in line with the founder of MEGA888 — Michael Tan See Foong’s favourite motto: “Now everyone can bet!”. He always dreams of building a new world whereby everyone can bet hassle free. He’s also clear about the fact that many poorer citizens might not have enough money to play MEGA888.

Given the complexity of coding such Test IDs, MEGA888’s team took about 2 years to complete the project. MEGA888 Test ID was launched in February 2020, just one month prior to the commencement of Movement Control Order(MCO) in Malaysia, arising from the prevalence of Covid19.

How Do We Get/Use Test ID?

As above mentioned, all Test IDs are completely free. So, you can actually request for Test ID from any online casino agents in the market. Just in case you are not clear about the procedures, you can always refer to the official step-by-step guide to get you MEGA888 Test ID.

Just bear in mind, do not fall into trap where people ask you pay for Test IDs. It’s totally bullshit. Many scammers attempt to cheat money by putting up fake advertisements on Facebook or Google, asking people to pay for something that is free in nature. Try to deal with trusted online casino agents but not anyone new in your circle.

Once you get the authentic Test ID, it’s time for you to do something great about it. Login to MEGA888, and start experiencing all the great moments in mobile slot games! Be it free bonus games, minor or major jackpots, free angpow, you can really find your biggest happiness inside!

How Does MEGA888 Test IDs Fit Itself Into the Global Pandemic?

Well, I would say Test IDs play a very vital role during the global pandemic. As we all know, most people stay at home given the rising fear from increasing cases of Covid19 in Malaysia. They got nothing to do at home. Everybody was bored and depressed.

One of the very best ways to entertain themselves during the hard times, was to play MEGA888. However, a lot of the people was jobless due to worsening economy in Malaysia. As a result, they ask for free Test IDs to play in order to kill time.

MEGA888 Test IDs has helped a lot of people to go through hard times in 2020. It is highly regarded as one of the best companions for mankind. Today, with Covid19 still around us, we can see a lot of people having smily face largely thanks to MEGA888.


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