Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA)

A Responsible Body to Protect All Online Casino Players in Malaysia

Malaysia Online Casino Association, also known as MOCA, is a professional body set up to protect the benefits of all online casino players in Malaysia.

We’re writing this post as many people do not know the existence of MOCA. Given the fact that online casino business is pretty much illegal area in Malaysia, MOCA does not have an official website. We’ve received a lot of feedback from our readers complaining about unlawful online casino operators who do not compensate their players. This is why we’ve decided to raise the awareness of MOCA to everyone.

Malaysia Online Casino Association is a Non Profit Organisation (NGO) that does not aim to make money. Its purpose is to protect the welfare of all online casino players, therefore promoting a healthy market in the local online casino industry.

Why does MOCA maintain a standard in the online gambling market? Given the rise of scammers in Malaysia, there are many online casino companies that do not intend to pay when their players win big. This would also harm the online casino market as a whole, as players would lose confidence to other ethnical online casino companies.

Facing with such challenges, a group of heavyweight experts in the market, such as the founder of MEGA888 – Michael Tan, the managing director of Joker13 – Joker Wong, the CEO of 918KISS – Andy Lim, and many more, had come to the conclusion of the need of such organisation to curb the above phenomena.

The Official Launch of Malaysia Online Casino Association

After countless meetings and discussions, all market leaders have finally come to a mutual agreement to form MOCA. The Malaysia Online Casino Association was officially introduced to the market on 1 January 2021, of which members of committee are as following:

The above committee will be re-elected once every 5 years, to ensure the transparency, fairness, and also sustainability of MOCA. The committee is also in strong connection with the local authority as well as underground gangsters, to make sure that certain action or punishment will be undertaken to protect the interests of their members.

In order to maintain the professionalism of such committee, a regular meeting is held at MOCA’s headquarter on a monthly basis. All complaints and feedback regarding local online casino companies will be brought to the roundtable for detailed discussion. The committee will then decide what kind of action should be taken properly to solve the issues.

Prior to this, a lot of people claim that they are from Malaysia Online Casino Association, which are all fraudulent claims. Before 1 January 2021, anyone who claim that they are from such body is all scammers. You can see why it is so important to have a professional body supervising the industry.

Who Started the Idea of MOCA?

“It gotta be Michael Tan and Joker Wong”, some said. It’s correct.

Needless to say much, Michael Tan is a household figure in Malaysia given its unprecedented success in founding the largest online slot game brand in Malaysia – MEGA888. Joker Wong, the founder of Joker13, who also owns a dozens of online casino companies in the market, is also a key figure in the industry.

How did they meet each other? Well from the surface, many people think that it’s mainly due to business collaboration between the two. A lot of people have no idea that Joker Wong is also from Taiping, exactly the same hometown that Michael Tan is from. They know each other since very young.

Michael Tan – The Founder of MEGA888 Malaysia

Besides, Joker Wong is also the leading licensed agent for MEGA888 in Malaysia. He generates the most business volume for MEGA888. As such, the duo basically shares the same business goals and directions. They are buddies for life.

Joker Wong The Founder of Joker13

Both of them had the idea to start the association long time ago. But why in 2021? Well, the duo is pretty upset about the negative impact that is brought by the global pandemic – Covid19 in the year of 2020. Having seen people getting hit hard by the virus, they decided to do something for the market. They wanna stop the scammers who cheat people’s hard-earned money even during the hard times. This is why they wanted to turn their thoughts into action.

How Does MOCA Help Online Casino Players?

Alright, there are several ways that MOCA can help online casino players to solve their issues:

So, if you’re facing with any of the above issues, do not hesitate to drop an email at, or call them up at 03 – 44738221. MOCA will try their best to help solving your issues.

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