MEGA888 APK – How to Download in Malaysia?

MEGA888 APK – It Could Be Challenging to Download It

A lot of people think that downloading MEGA888 APK on smartphone is a no brainer kind of thing. Very often, player still encounter unexpected circumstances that could stop them from downloading MEGA888. We’re gonna talk about it today.

One of the most challenging tasks could be to get the authentic download site for MEGA888. There are just too many fake download sites when you google “download MEGA888” on

We’re surprised to see that MEGA888 headquarter is not doing anything helpful to stop this. As such, we’ve sorted out a list of trusted and reliable download sites for MEGA888, to help our readers avoid getting cheated by scammers.

As a matter of fact, there is one and the only official download site for downloading MEGA888. Nonetheless, the headquarter has also prepared a list of alternative download sites, just in case the official download site experiences server-down situation:

Well, I would say contingency plan is already in place. It’s highly safe and secured to download MEGA888 from these official download sites instead of getting it from those fake download sites.

A lot of people might ask, why couldn’t I just download from any download sites on the internet which seems to be working perfectly? Let’s look at some of the significant risks that you might be facing with if you download from a fake download site:

  1. Your smartphone might be attacked by computer viruses
  2. You might not be enjoying the prevailing winning rate as other players do
  3. It might be harder for you to strike free bonus games or even progressive jackpots
  4. You might be experiencing more-frequent-than-usual crashes in MEGA888 app
  5. Some of your slot games might not get updates as the normal version does

As such, it’s really important for you to ONLY DOWNLOAD FROM OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD SITE. This is the only way you can enjoy playing MEGA888 to the maximum!

Double Check Your Smartphone Before Installing MEGA888 APK

You might not be able to install MEGA888 APK properly, if you didn’t carefully check through your smartphone. This is also one of the most common factors affecting the entire download process.

First of all, you gotta understand your smartphone well. Bear in mind that MEGA888 APK is only available for Android smartphones. For iOS phone users, you gotta download MEGA888 iOS. However, MEGA888 iOS is still experiencing some technical issues to our best knowledge. You may also refer to this troubleshooting guidelines if you encounter problems in downloading MEGA888 iOS.

Understand what’s the Android version of your smartphone operating system because the latest version might not be able to install MEGA888 properly. MEGA888 headquarter might need more time to update its slot games being compatible with the latest Android operating system. It usually takes up to one or two weeks’ time.

Moreover, we don’t suggest having the older 918KISS slot game app in your Android phone, if you wanna install MEGA888 app. That’s because crashes might happen between the two. Although not many mentioning the possibility of this, it could sometimes be the true cause of unexpected crash in your MEGA888 slot games. It’s advisable to first remove 918KISS app from your smartphone, before installing MEGA888.

Download MEGA888 Properly

Once you’ve done all the checks prior to install MEGA888, what you need to do now is to download properly from authentic MEGA888 download sites as we mentioned in the previous section.

There are a many guidelines provided by MEGA888 amateurs in the market. Sadly to say that, not all of them are as helpful as it seems to be.

We’ve also done a step-by-step tutorial teaching players how to download MEGA888 properly, for free, of course. If you can’t get the right answer for you from this article, we suggest you could probably talk to one of the relationship managers from Joker13™, which is in turn the only licensed MEGA888 agent in Malaysia.

What is Actually MEGA888 APK?

Many people talk about MEG888 APK, but only approximately 10% of them truly understand what it really is, according to an unofficial survey carried out by

APK stands for Android Application Package, which is the package file format used by the Android operating system, and a number of other Android-based operating systems for distribution and installation of mobile apps, mobile games and middleware.

An APK file can’t be operated on iPhone, this is the reason why you can’t install MEGA888 APK in an iPhone. That’s because Apple, the owner of iPhone products, design all its electronic devices under closed-end concept – they are not meant to easily connect with any other electronic devices that are not invented by Apple.

One good thing about APK is that it’s easy to code also cheaper to be deployed. Unlike ipa files which are regulated by Apple with stringent rules and policies, any app developer could upload their finished app onto APK store for listing without much hurdles.

Should You, or Should You Not Install APK?

Well, this seems to be one of the hardest question of the century. In general, it’s believed that MEGA888 APK version does offer higher winning payout that MEGA888 iOS, given much larger game volume generated in the former one.

Some of the unofficial statistics also revealed that it seems to be much easier for a player to consistently win from MEGA888 APK. Of course, those numbers are arrived on an average basis.

As conclusion, we strongly suggest MEGA888 players to play MEGA888 in APK version. With our long experience in the local online casino industry, we believe any skilled slot game player can make a fortune from MEGA888 APK over the long-term.

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