MEGA888 iPhone – Can’t Play Since End of 2020

MEGA888 iPhone players have been facing an issue – can’t play MEGA888 since months ago. The worst thing is this issue has not been solved properly.

All players can’t login to MEGA888 games. There is no error message popped up. There is just nothing you can do about it. Most players are scratching their head heavily to get a solution for that.

I remember there were few days in December that players were allowed to do MEGA888 login on MEGA888 iPhone. Unfortunately, that was just temporary. Players once again couldn’t login after that.

Many people are frustrated. There is no official announcement made by MEGA888 headquarter neither. Nobody knows how to respond to this, given the fact that iPhone users make up a big chunk of MEGA888’s players.

It’s quite a disaster to iPhone casino players since 2020. There is no way iPhone users can play 918KISS, following its official termination in November 2020. Meanwhile, iPhone users also can’t play MEGA888 due to this persistent issue. Play XE88 or PUSSY888? That might not be a good option to most iPhone users. They prefer MEGA888 and 918KISS over anything else.

Can’t Download MEGA888 on iPhone

At the same time, we’ve been told by our readers that all iPhone users have been encountering issues when trying to download MEGA888 slot game on iPhone. To prove what they’ve said, we ran a quick mock-up on MEGA888 download:

  1. Firstly, we go the, which is the official download site for MEGA888. Then click on “IOS 64Bit”.

2. Click “Install” as per image below.

3. Here comes the problem. The MEGA888 icon stays under “waiting” status, like forever.

When we try to click on MEGA888 icon, there is no response at all. In view of this, we tried to reach out to MEGA888 Headquarter. Through our tele-conversation, there is no official solution given by the spokesperson. “Our technical team is currently working on this issue”, this is what we got from them.

Having received a lot of complaints from our readers regarding this issue, we have set up an investigation team to check on this issue. We’ve done a lot of researches for weeks. We’re lucky enough to contact Michael Tan, the brand owner of MEGA888. Nonetheless, he also said that his team has been working hard to solve the issue. However, he also shared with us some valuable solutions how we can solve the issue temporarily. This is why we’re now writing this to guide you how you can solve the issues step by step.

How to Solve the MEGA888 Errors

Most people focus on the problems, but not the solutions. We’re here to help you. Based on our detailed researches, we suggest you to do the following:

1. Buy an Android Phone and Download MEGA888 APK

The quickest way to solve the error is to buy yourself a new phone. You might think it’s too costly to do that. Let’s put it this way, how much you would have lost if you stop playing MEGA888 for weeks, or even months? That’s hell a lot of opportunity cost!

It might cost only few hundreds for you to get a quality Android phone nowadays. After that, try to download MEGA888 APK. From what we know, MEGA888 APK is working perfectly. It’s quite rare that similar issues would happen in the Android version.

2. Reset iPhone Setting

One of the solutions is to reset your iPhone back to default setting. This is because some of the other phone applications you’ve downloaded might crash with MEGA888 iPhone application. To avoid this, you might need to reset your phone.

Once you’ve reset iPhone, try to download MEGA888 games again. According to our researches, some people from North Malaysia succeed to fix the errors using this way. Unfortunately, other people are still facing the same errors after reseting their iPhone. Should it not success, you should probably try other solution.

3. Contact Trusted MEGA888 Agent to Get VIP Game ID

Frankly, only normal game ID owners are affected by these errors. VIP game ID owners are still able to play MEGA888 on iPhone. However, there is only a handful people who can get the real VIP game ID.

Many MEGA888 agents putting up advertisements saying that they’re giving out VIP game ID for free. Many of them are giving fake IDs instead. There are only 1,000 VIP game IDs available in Malaysia, and most of them are under the supervision of licensed MEGA888 agent. So, find the authentic MEGA888 agent to get such VIP game ID, then you will be able to play MEGA888 on iPhone.

4. Switch to XE88 or PUSSY888

You may also consider switching to other mobile slot game brands in the market, if you’re way too frustrated with this persistent issue. Unfortunately 918KISS was terminated in November 2020, otherwise it would be the best alternative for this.

Besides, there is also many slot game brands that could be your options, such as XE88, PUSSY888, etc. Although these games might not offer winning payout as high as MEGA888, they are also reputable online casino brands which are of premium quality.

5. Switch to Other Online Casino Products

Slot games might not be the only online casino product to build your fortune, or to entertain yourself. There are many options in the market as well, for instances, table casino games and sports betting platform.

What you can expect from these online betting products? You can actually play tons of interesting casino games, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Sicbo, Texas Poker, Dragon Tiger, Hold’em, and many many more. Meanwhile, you would definitely love online sports betting, if you are a fan of English Premier League (EPL), or National Basketball Association (NBA).

Do not limit yourself in the field of mobile slot games. There is many online betting games out there. Try to explore more and open up to endless leisure games in the world!

6. Wait and See

I would personally choose to wait and see. I’ve been a big fan of MEGA888 since years ago. Meanwhile, I’m a loyal iPhone user either. Hence, it’s pretty impossible asking me to switch to Android phone, or to play other online casino products other than MEGA888.

To me, it’s quite certain that such issue will be solved over time. It’s just the matter of time. Why would I have such confidence in MEGA888? Just look at Michael Tan himself, the mastermind behind MEGA888. He has strong and solid background in game coding. There is no computer bug he can’t solved in the world.

I would take this chance as a short break to stop playing online casino games for a while. What would I do next? I would spend most of my time studying online betting strategies to reinforce my knowledge. I don’t think there is a need to keep betting even though my favourite slot game brand is absent. We should keep learning to improve ourself, so that we could heighten our chances to win.


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