MEGA888 Login Like a Pro

MEGA888 Login is the process to enter MEGA888 slot games after player has downloaded the game. How do we login like a pro? This is the topic that we’re gonna talk about today.

Many might think that it’s simple to do that. Nonetheless, it also requires certain skill and knowledge for you to login properly without crashing your game. Any wrongdoing might stop you from entering the game.

We realised that there is no official tutorial provided in the market, to educate players how to login to the game properly. This is why we’ve decided to come out with this post to guide people how to do MEGA888 login in the right manner.

It sounds difficult to be a pro. In fact, it’s not as hard as you think, if you follow our step-by-step guideline carefully. Without further ado, let us now dive into details.

Standard 4 Easy Steps to Login MEGA888

It requires only 4 simple steps for you to login MEGA888 as following:

Step 1: launch MEGA888 game application from your home screen.

Step 2: Enter your MEGA888 game ID into the red box as per screenshot below.

Step 3: Enter your MEGA888 game password into the red box as per screenshot below.

Step 4: Hit “LOGIN” button, and you will be directed to game lobby next.

Congratulations! You have successfully logged into MEGA888. There is many more to be discovered in the game lobby, not to mention the fact that it offers a total of more than 200 mobile slot games. Enjoy your adventures in MEGA888!

Just in case you have not secured a proper game login ID from your online casino agent, you may refer to our previous post and learn how to login with free MEGA888 Test ID.

What You Can Do With MEGA888 Login

There are plenty of things that you are allowed to do after logging in to MEGA888:

  • play MEGA888: this could be the main purpose of most people logging to the game. They want to play hundreds of exciting mobile slot game in the game lobby.
  • try your luck to hit the jackpot: there is one mega progressive jackpot in MEGA888. You may also try your luck to spin more. Who know you could be the next luckiest winner for jackpot.
  • hack MEGA888: some skilful players might even try to hack MEGA888 after login. We will discuss more about how they do this in future post.
  • test play with MEGA888 Test ID: you don’t have to pay any real money playing with free test ID. This is the least costly way to enjoy its slot games.
  • getting marketing materials from MEGA888: you would definitely need thousands of game photos to supplement your marketing efforts, if you are an online casino operator who frequently run advertisements on Facebook.
  • win big and retire earlier: many experts have been studying the complex winning payout structure of MEGA888, in the hope that they can eventually beat the banker and retire earlier than average.
  • killing free time: many people are not addicted to online gambling. They play MEGA888 just to kill time. Especially those lonely retirees who do not have someone by their side.
  • brainstorming: some people do not play to win. They play simply because they wanna stimulate their brain through slot games. This would help them to come out with some creative ideas.

Risks for Not Logging In Properly

Let us first understand what would happen if we do not login in game in proper way. Some of the risks that you might get yourself involved into including:

  • unexpected game crash: the game application might crash if you do not login properly. What’s the worst that could happen is that your game application might be forcefully quit even if you are in the middle of a free bonus game.
  • lower winning payout with fake game ID: some agents might even offer you with fake game ID. You would fail to enjoy the proper winning payout with those fake game IDs. What you will be playing would not be the real MEGA888.
  • accidentally endanger your phone with unknown virus: this is also one of the most dangerous risks that you might expose yourself to. Some hackers might penetrate with aggressive virus during your login process. With those unknown viruses being planted in your smartphone, you would be exposed to severe cyber security risk.


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