What is MEGA888 Test ID

MEGA888 Test ID has been the center topic of most mobile slot game players in Malaysia for the year of 2020. Many local players have been questioning about the existence of such game ID.

Are those IDs really provided by the MEGA888 headquarter? Let us walk you through some of the facts about MEGA888 Test ID in this article.

To Play Free MEGA888 Slot Games at Zero Cost

MEGA888 Test ID is ID (identity document) provided by MEGA888 Malaysia, allowing its players to test playing mobile slot games at zero cost. What you would get is the ultimate experience of placing your bets in its mobile slot games. No win/lose would be taken into account.

The purpose of having the MEGA888 Test ID is to promote the slot game products, to make more people acknowledged of this fantastic slot gaming brand. MEGA888 started to offer such IDs since December 2019, which was about 13 months earlier from the date of writing this post.

It is also in line with the company’s ultimate vision and mission – to create a hassle-free environment for online slot gaming market! With free test IDs, everyone can now enjoy the every single tiny details embedded in its mobile slot games without paying any cents.

The Author of MEGA888 Test ID

Hanif Huni - Author of MEGA888 Test ID
Hanif Huni – Author of MEGA888 Test ID

Hanif Huni, a talented self-taught coder, is the author of MEGA888 Test ID. Born in Malaysia in 1995, Hanif was raised in the state of Kedah until age of 18. After high school, he then moved from Kedah to Kuala Lumpur in order to earn more money.

When he realised that developing mobile slot game could be the only thing he wants to do for the rest of his life, he joined the game development team of MEGA888 headquarter.

At the beginning, he was really really surprised by the fact that, NO MEGA888 TEST ID has been offered to its players! This is considered a BIG NO to Hanif. How could one become a loyal player if he doesn’t even have a single chance to taste the game?

Hanif quickly prepared his ideas and presented to the board of game development. His amazing ideas was immediately approved and endorsed by the board. He then start coding the Test ID project and completed within 3 months’ time.

I still remember the day when MEGA888 Test ID was first launched in Malaysia, the whole market was cheering. A new era has begun, everyone can now test playing slot games without paying money!

How to Get the Test ID

Well, here comes the most important question: How do we get the test ID? There are several ways that you can get the test ID for free:


Today, Google is widely recognised as the largest search engine in the world. On average, it helps to facilitate 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis as of 2019. There is nothing you can’t find here.

Just go to https://google.com.my, then type “How to Get MEGA888 Test ID” in the golden search box. After that, thousands of search results would then appear in your browser. The next question is, how do we know which site is secured and can be trusted?

Of course, you may just click on any of the search result and then get the Test ID. However, that might expose you to certain cyber security risks. There are many sites out there contain viruses or trojans, which are ready to hack your computer at any point in time.

Otherwise, you may also drop us an email at [email protected] We will reply you with a list of trusted MEGA888 sites in Malaysia. We will try our best to keep you safe from cyber attackers.


Likewise, you can also duplicate your move as what you did in Google, in Facebook:

Unlike Google, Facebook is not really meant for information search. It is a social media platform that connects people from all around the world.

Hence, you might find a lot of irrelevant information containing your keywords. You might also not be able to get what you want to find, just because there is no one posting information that contains your target keyword.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of agents offering Test ID in Facebook. You can even connect directly with them to request for more services if needed.

A Quick and Authentic Way to Get Test ID

Well, there is another method to get Test ID, which is also the shortest and the quickest way to get it! Given our special relationship with MEGA888 headquarter, we have requested a full list of MEGA888 Test IDs to benefit all our readers!

In fact, the company has already prepared ten thousands Test ID to facilitate the test play sessions for the entire Malaysia. For account name, just type any in between “test1” to “test10000, while password is all the same: “Aa1234”.

Don’t be panic if you are not able to login to the game. That particular Test ID could be in use. Just try the next ID until you get to login. Don’t forget the fact that MEGA888 has more than 10 millions active players in the world. It’s quite common that many IDs could be logged in at the same time.

A Powerful Alternative to Get Test IDs

Lastly, I’m gonna share with you one of the easiest ways to get Test IDs – we have already compiled a full list of all available Test IDs for you! Just click on the click this link to download all available Test IDs.

Tips for Logging in With Test ID

It sounds like an easy task to login with Test ID. However, there is still something that you can take note to ensure a smooth login:

  • Try not to login between 8pm to 2am – This is usually the peak hours. It’s very common for you to experience hard times logging into the game.
  • Try not to login during weekends – statistically, players doubled during weekends compared to weekdays. Trust me, you don’t want to keep attempting to login using up to 10,000 Test IDs.
  • Do not get confused with the game point balance – Bro, it’s a FREE TEST ID, and nothing is real in the game! Do not get confused and claim the winning prizes with your agent if you are playing with Test ID. You won’t get paid.
  • You might always win with Test ID – Test ID allows you to experience the excitements from playing MEGA888. Therefore, you will always win. In real life, it might not be that easy to win from MEGA888. Of course, it ain’t that hard neither, if you have been following our free game tips.

How to Use the Test ID

Congratulations! You have now earned the key to the journey of winning! Next, what are you gonna do with the Test ID?

First of all, you need to have MEGA888 slot game app installed in your smartphone. We will talk about more about MEGA888 download in another post since the center topic of this article is all about Test ID. We are skipping this for now.

Assuming you have already installed the app in your phone, let’s launch the game app as per screenshot below:

This is called the login page, and it’s where you may access to the slot game product. It might not be as simple as it might seem, we will explore more about MEGA888 login in another post. For now, just try to enter the Test ID username and password given above in the respective boxes.

“test888” is the Test ID that I usually use for test play as it contains the same numbers as MEGA888. I love that number. Once you have entered the username and password, just click on “login” button for next step.

What is it doing now? It’s actually downloading all the available slot game information in order to bring you next to the game lobby. Some people have been asking if there is any way to skip this. My answer to that question is NO.

How long is needed to load the games? It’s pretty hard to say, it completely depends on your smartphone performance. As for me, an iPhone 12 user, it takes me about 1.8 second on average to load the games. Some can even go up to 5-6 seconds using Android phone.

Finally, here you are! You’re now at MEGA888’s game lobby with Test ID. There are hundreds of sophisticated slot games in here for you to test play.

Just check out the point balance at the top left before you even start playing. Wow, it’s 29,856.77! Don’t get too excited bro, as I mentioned before, it’s just dummy game point which can’t be exchanged for real money.

Now, start enjoying your test play with MEGA888 Test ID!

Advantages and Disadvantages

Have you heard of “Yin & Yang” from Chinese tradition? It’s a religious theory from Taoism. Basically, it depicts the thoughts that there are always good side and bad side for one thing. Both sides are inter-correlated with each other.

The same applies to Test ID. While you may largely benefit from using Test ID, you may also get hurt at the same time. Let us go through some of the advantages of playing with Test IDs:

  • Need not to fork out any money in order to play MEGA888
  • Without the presence of monetary pressure, you may even deploy better betting strategy given better mental condition
  • You might experience the longest winning streak using Test ID, as it offers higher winning payout than the usual game ID
  • To build a positive mindset – as you can always “win” with Test ID which will make you happier
  • It can help to quit gambling. Remember, NO MONEY IS INVOLVED!
  • It helps to kill time when you don’t really want to bet with real money.
  • You may tell your wife or girlfriend that you are playing some dummy slot game downloaded from Facebook, if they are not happy about your gambling hobby.
  • A good training ground for you to test out your online betting strategy. Keep playing and you might become a master.
  • Look, it’s a real thing for entertainment. We as human being really need to relax and to release stress in order to maintain healthy mental condition.
  • For some of the online casino operators, they can use Test ID to test play, while obtaining marketing materials (such as images, videos, etc.) at no cost.

It sounds really good to play with Test ID. Nevertheless, there is always a dark side of everything:

  • You can’t claim your winning prizes if you hit the progressive jackpot! It’s gonna be the saddest thing of all if you know what I mean.
  • Some beginners might get addicted to gambling once they start to play with Test ID.
  • You may get an incorrect impression that you can always win from MEGA888, which is absolutely nonsense. The fact is you need to learn with diligence in order to pick up the skills.
  • You might get cheated by some unlawful online agent that might offer you a fake Test ID. That might cause your computer to get hacked or viruses and things like that. Always deal with trustworthy ones.
  • If you are a regular gambler who wish to quit gambling, playing with Test ID might get you even deeper. Frankly, the best way to quit gambling is to stop playing right away without struggling more.

As I said at the beginning, there are always two sides of everything in the world. Open up your eyes and try to understand it crystal clear before you even get started. Be a smart gambler.

Is MEGA888 Game ID the Same

Some people might get confused between MEGA888 Test ID and MEGA888 Game ID. They are totally different.

MEGA888 Game ID is the slot game identity document provided by online agents for players to play MEGA888 games. It involves real money. All winnings and losses count. So, it’s not simulation. It’s real.

How to Differentiate Test ID and Game ID

It’s pretty simple to differentiate Test ID from Game ID. As I revealed in the previous section, the username of all Test IDs is within the range of test1-test10000. Any username out of this range is certainly not a Test ID.

For Game ID, it will be presented in a format which is highly similar to the local mobile phone number. Its prefix is usually 01X, then comes with another 7 digits at the back. Any ID presented in this kind of format is definitely Game ID.

How Does COVID19 Impact Test ID

2020 is widely regarded as one of the worst years in 21st century, due to an unexpected pandemic that has brought tremendous disaster to the whole world. There is no one single industry that is not affected by the said pandemic. There is no exception for the Malaysian slot game industry.

I would say the implication that is introduced by the pandemic is rather complex. I plan to discuss about it in details in a separate article. For now, let us look at how COVID19 impacted MEGA888 Test ID.

source: Malaysian Online Casino Association

The diagram above is generated using data provided by Malaysian Online Casino Association (MOCA), which depicts the number of active Test IDs from January 2020 to October 2020.

As you can see from the graph, active Test ID was only hovering around the level of 200k-300k per month before March. Then, our beloved government announced the implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18th March, and the number of active Test ID started to pick up greatly.

It even reached the peak of the first half of 2020 in the month of May, which was circa 3,112,453 active Test IDs being played in that particular month. That’s an astonishing number! It accounts for nearly 10% of the Malaysian population.

In the following month, the figures start to reduce mildly, which is also in line with the end of MCO in the month of May. However, a lot of people had already get themselves familiar with MEGA888. As you can see, there was still a lot of test players even after the MCO.

The number picked up again since October, given the recent Condition Movement Control Order (CMCO) implemented by the local authority, in view with the rising cases of COVID19.

Generally, the occurrence of COVID19 has largely increased the usage of Test ID to some certain extents. We believe there is a solid positive relationship between the two. We will explain it later.

The Causes

The significant upstick in the usage of MEGA888 Test ID can be attributed to the following:

  1. work-from-home effect: Given MCO or CMCO, or even EMCO, most companies have been instructed by the local authority to work from home, except industries that provide essential services. As a result, a lot of employees spend most of their time at home even during working hours. Due to lack of supervision from their companies, many people now possess more time to play slot games at home.
  2. sharp drop in disposable income: Disposable income and slot game industry are closely related. When there is a drop in disposal income, people tend to play slot games less. They will have less money to bet. Nonetheless, players till need something to kill time. Test ID could be their ultimate solution. During the pandemic, a lot of people become jobless with lesser disposable income. Therefore, most of them entertained themselves playing with Test ID.
  3. people are afraid of COVID19 virus: COVID19 is said to be one of the most powerful viruses throughout history. It’s hard to be eliminated, while it’s also easy to be spread. Due to the terror brought by COVID19, many people stay home and dare not to go out. Without some of the leisure activities such as drinking alcohol, sports, etc. people start to switch their focus to playing slot games. That explains the significant increase in the use of Test ID during pandemic.


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