Mega888 Free Credit 2022

Top Tips To Get All Types Of Mega888 Free Credit


If you are an active Mega888 player, you will not be strange of the Mega888 free credit. Free credit is an important element in the Mega888 platform. From the launch of Mega888 in 2010 until now, this online casino platform is generous with free credit offer to players. This also helps the online casino platform to become the top online casino in Malaysia.

Why Mega888 Free Credit Is Important?

When you are playing regularly in Mega888, you find Mega888 free credit is extremely useful to you in many aspects. Let’s go through the importance of free credit for you in playing Mega888 games:

Higher Bet In Games For Higher Winning In Return

Firstly, you can utilize Mega888 free credit to place higher bets in the games. With higher bets, your winning returns will definitely be higher as well. You will enjoy this benefit more significant when you use them in card games. This is because the winning payout rate in card games is fully dependent on your betting amount. With the help of free credit, you can place higher bets without requiring you to top up more money.

Play More Rounds In Mega888 Game

Secondly, having more free credits will give you the advantage to play more rounds in games. This advantage would be crucial in slot game playing. Many slot games come with huge jackpot prizes. In order to increase your chances of winning the jackpot, you need to play more rounds of game. Hence, having more free credits will allow you to play more rounds of game.

Get Even More Free Credits & Bonuses

As you play more in Mega888 games, you will get to unlock more bonuses in the games. Therefore, free credits will be a great help for you in this without requiring using your own money. If the free credits finish up, you still can utilize the bonuses to help you win more in the game.



Types Of Mega888 Free Credit & How To Claim Them

Mega888 is the online casino that offers most types of free credit in the market. This is also why the brand is so well-known in the market. Here are some of the common Mega888 free credits available for claim on the platform.

Welcome Free Credit

If you are a new joiner in Mega888, don’t miss out on this free credit. The criteria to claim this free credit is extremely easy. Once you have successfully registered an account, just contact Mega888 agent or the customer service to claim this free credit. You can use this free credit in all Mega888 games. This free credit only can be claimed once per player account.

Referral Free Credit

Once you become a registered Mega888 player, you are entitled to claim this Mega888 free credit. The criteria are pretty simple as well. Just introduce your friend to register as Mega888 player and this free credit is yours! The more friends you become the Mega888 players, the more free credits you get. There is no cap limit for you to claim this free credit. So long as you have friends who are interested, don’t hesitate to get them to join.

Birthday Credit

Don’t be surprised, you will get rewarded with Mega888 on your birthday. This is a unique type of free credit that not many online casinos will offer. When your birthday is near, you will get a notification from Mega888 for this free credit entitlement. Screenshot down the notification and submit it to customer service on your birthday date. They will process your submission and send you the free credit in a few hours’ time. This free credit can be claimed every year on your birthday.

Festive Season Credit

During festive seasons like Chinese New Year & Christmas, Mega888 will launch this free credit to all players. Sometimes, this free credit may only have a limited quantity and claim on a first come first serve basis. So better react fast once you receive the festive season free credit notification in your account.

Happy Hour Free Credit

This free credit is offered at a certain time at night on random basis. Normally, it will only be available in certain slot games only. These slot games generally are famous slot games such as Dolphin Reef. There is a limited quantity of claims and only available for a few hours time. So, it is actually highly dependable on luck to get this free credit.

Wallet Top-Up Free Credit

If you are using an e-wallet to top up credit in your account, then good news for you. You will be able to claim this free credit occasionally when you top up credit to your account. Even though the free credit amount is relatively lower compared to other types of free credit, it will still give good help in your game betting. Alternatively, you can accumulate these free credits as the give-out frequency is quite high.

Loyalty Program Free Credit

Once you have joined Mega888 for more than 1 year and are still an active player, you will get this gift. You do not need to deposit any money to get this free credit. The Mega888 customer service team will evaluate your account status before sending you the free credit. Therefore, keeping yourself active in the app is important to be entitled to this free credit. The free credit amount is quite a lot according to those who have claimed it before.

High Deposit Credit

This is an initiative from Mega888 to reward players who placed high deposits in their accounts. The minimum deposit amount required starts from RM3,000 and above. Once you have deposited this amount or higher, contact customer service immediately to claim this free credit. This free credit does not have a limited quantity. As long as you meet the criteria, you are eligible to get it.

Special Event Credit

During special events, Mega888 will also give out free credits to all players. So far these are the events for which you will get these special events free credit from Mega888:

Mega888’s Anniversary falls on the 1st of June every year. So be sure to mark down these important dates on your calendar. This free credit also does not require any deposit from your side. However, you only can claim once in every special event.

VIP Free Credit

This free credit is exclusively for Mega888 VIP players only. It is not easy to become VIP player as the joining process is by invitation only. If you get to become Mega888 VIP player, one of the member’s main benefits is definitely this free credit claim. The free credit amount is the highest compared to all other free credits.


Mega888 Free Credit Problem

What If I Don’t Get The Free Credit In My Account After Claim?

The first thing you should do is always log out first and re-login to your account. Sometimes, it is advisable you can restart your device. This is due to the account amount showcase may not being updated due to cache in the app. If it is still not being updated, immediately contact the customer service team for further assistance. The Mega888 is always professional and ready to help you with any Mega888 app-related issues.

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